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Optimob Acquired by HasOffers by TUNE

Performance Marketing
Management at its best

Automate & Optimize your Affiliate Network with no hassle

Automate your HasOffers Network and Increase your Profits instantly


We create a product that will transform the way you manage your network

KPI Optimizer
As KPI (Key Performance Indicator) has become a standard in the Advertising industry, we have developed a machine learning algorithm that will optimize your traffic towards meeting the required KPIs and making sure low-KPI performing sources & sub-sources are optimized automatically

Automatically Optimizes your traffic towards the Offers' KPI's, making sure the delivered users stand in the requested KPI's

Fraud Buster
We have partnered with the leading Fraud detection systems to detect in real-time any Fraudulent traffic and instantly optimize your sources & sub-sources and eliminate Fraud traffic from your Network

Automatically Detects and Blocks any Fraudulent traffic from reaching to your campaigns

Clicks Optimizer
Using the Clicks Optimizer will lower down your clicks cost automatically according to pre-set rules you decide upon and Clicks Spamming, Cookie stuffing, Click Injection and other Click Fraud methods will be eliminated as our Clicks Optimizer constantly making sure the clicks are under control and optimizes your sources and sub-sources

Automate your clicks optimization to lower down the clicks cost and to increase profitability

Offers Import
We are integrated with the top companies in the Industry, allowing you to import offers from your advertisers, set filters to what offers you want to import and the rest is done automatically, importing the offers with the highest payouts

Increase your revenues with an Advanced Offers Manager, Automatically Import offers from vast of Networks

Incentivized traffic detector
Incentivized traffic to Non-Incentivized offers is an old and known issue in the Advertising industry, using the Incentivized traffic detector will make sure that Incentivized traffic won't be delivered to your offers

Set your Conversion Rate Thresholds to Non-Incentivized offers and avoid high CR in your campaigns

On-time Notifications
Letting your publishers know about optimizations goes without saying so they can also adjust the traffic from their end, we have built an automated notification system that will alert your publishers about any optimization done and making sure they are up-to-date at any time

No more need to constantly email your publishers, use our automated email notifications to notify your publishers about optimizations, fraud or new offers

Ad Verification
Each offer is being verified and made sure that it is redirecting to the right App download before being imported, combined with the periodic verification to existing offers, your Offers will always be live and converting

Eliminating broken links to offers and making sure your Offers are live, all done automatically

Simple API Integration
Our solution allows easy plug and play integration to your Ad Network within minutes

Place your API ID and Key in our platform and we will do the rest, in just a few minutes you will be fully integrated

"By using optimob, we can prevent exceeded fees from the non-converting clicks. Without optimob, we couldn’t increase our campaigns volume and spent most of the day on optimizing the sources manually”

Sookyeon Moon


Increase in profits


Decrease in clicks cost


Monthly conversions

"Given the complexity of manually controlling clicks’ cost and the time-consuming efforts spent, optimob’s automation tools enabled us to have automated optimizations to our traffic, freeing us from manual tasks and most of all, saving us a lot of money every month.”

Alexey Trusov


Lower Clicks cost


Hrs saved each month


Increase in Net Profit

"Using optimob’s tools allowed GlobaleMedia not only to increase numbers but we also witnessed a major increase in productivity, saving us more than 80 hours a month, thanks to optimob’s automation tools”

Bhavesh Talreja


Increase in revenues


Hrs saved each month


Increase in average CR


free trial

30 Days Free

14 Days Free




500 Offers Import

3 Demand Sources

500 optimizations

$0 / month

5 Offers KPIs

$0 / month

500 Ad Verifications

$0 / month

Fraud protection


conversions included

$0 / month


Limited time offer




(save 50%)

1,000 Offers Import

5 Demand Sources

1,000 optimizations

$799 $399 / Month plan

10 Offers KPIs

$99 / month

5,000 Ad Verifications

$259 / month

Fraud protection


conversions included

$490 / month


Limited time offer




(save 50%)

2,500 Offers Import

10 Demand Sources

1,500 optimizations

$1399 $699 / Month plan

20 Offers KPIs

$149 / month

15,000 Ad Verifications

$499 / month

Fraud protection


conversions included

$990 / month


Limited time offer




(save 50%)

10,000 Offers Import

20 Demand Sources

3,000 optimizations

$1999 $999 / Month plan

50 Offers KPIs

$299 / month

40,000 Ad Verifications

$999 / month

Fraud protection


conversions included

$1990 / month

about us

We are a team of experts in performance marketing that identified the need for tools to better manage our inventory and optimize traffic. After building and testing our technology for over a year, we decided that it’s time to bring our product to the market so that other companies can enjoy our top-notch optimization platform.

At optimob, our vision is to invent great technology for the Ad tech industry, give real solutions to your daily tasks and make sure you can focus on your business.


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